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Teeth Whitening (Home Whitening System)

Teeth Whitening is a safe and effective treatment to brighten your smile.

There are many different whitening techniques used for discoloured teeth. Discuss with your dentist the most appropriate one for you.

In our practice, we usually prefer the take-home “Tray System”,  as this method is proven scientifically to be the:

  • Most effective,
  • Longer lasting,
  • Safest, and
  • Cheaper

As it is important to ensure your mouth is healthy prior to any tooth whitening, (that is, any gum problems or other dental work), it is recommended you have a thorough check-up, any other treatment (if needed) and a clean, before you start your teeth whitening.

Take-home teeth whitening involves wearing a custom fitted appliance created in our surgery, which contains professional dental tooth whitening solution. The tooth bleaching gel is placed into the trays and inserted over your teeth for thirty minutes once a day. Enjoy a Brighter Smile, by making an appointment and discuss teeth whitening with our experienced dentist. (Contact Us)


Q. How long will the results last?

A. Results will generally last 3-9 months, results will vary per person depending on your teeth and your eating/drinking habits.

Q. Does it cause sensitivity or damage my teeth?

A. Occasionally there may be some sensitivity but this should settle once the whitening treatment is completed. The concentration and technique used by Alpha Dental Care does not cause any long term damage to the teeth and is backed by significant evidence.

Q. Will it whiten my veneers, caps or crowns?

A. Teeth whitening products will only remove stains from real teeth. Crowns, Veneers, fillings will not change colour. For this reason if there is any dental work which has been done on teeth which are visible when you smile, please consult your dentist as to find out if and how whitening can be appropriately used.


  • For our young patients (12 - 17 yoa), we are currently offering Preventive Services for just the Rebate from your Private Health Fund or Medicare.
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