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Crown & Bridges (PBM, Zi-Porc, Fibre-Bridges)

A crown is used to protect a broken down or fragile tooth, or to improve a tooths cosmetic appearance. The visible surface of the crown is made from porcelain, so it has a very lifelike appearance, and thus matches with the colour of the rest of your teeth. Crowns are also recommended for teeth which have had root canal treatment, to protect the tooth from fracturing. Your dentist can discuss with you whether a particular tooth is suitable for a crown.

Bridges are similar to crowns and can be used to close the gap between two teeth. They are permanently placed in the mouth and can give you the confidence to eat and speak comfortably.


Your dentist can discuss with you whether a particular tooth is a suitable candidate for a crown, bridge or Veneer.

  • What can I do about sensitive teeth?
    Tooth sensitivity is quite common and can be caused by a number of factors, including gum recession and exposed tooth roots, tooth decay (cavities) and cracked teeth. It can also signify the beginning of a problem with the nerve of the tooth. It is important to get this checked out by your dentist if you begin to experience sensitivity

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