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Craniofacial Pain & TMD

Craniofacial pain is a term used to describe and long term facial, head or neck pains. These are pains which are often debilitating and can severely affect a patient’s day to day quality of life. Temporo-mandibular Joint Disorder (TMD) is a genral term relating to issues of the jaw joint. Many of these Joint problems can cause multiple other issues including referred pain to other parts of the body and is very often found with people suffering from craniofacial pain. Using our extensive experience and understanding of the issues involved, our clinic has been able to first accurately diagnose the cause of the problem and then treat the patient with amazing results which have dramatically changed peoples’ lives.

If you suffer from debilitating migraines and headaches, jaw pains or other pains in the head and neck and would like further information regarding what we can offer, please ring our clinic to make an appointment.


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