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About us

Our Philosophy Statement

Our Mission Statement

The team at Alpha Dental Care is committed to providing high quality dental care as well as educating and motivating our patients to maintain their oral health, function, appearance and keep their natural teeth for life.

Our Practice

Our friendly, modern and family oriented practice provides a welcoming and pleasant area for our patients to receive the dental care they require. We use highly advanced technologies to ensure the best possible comfort and treatment outcomes for our patients.

Our Patients

They are the reason for our existence. It is our goal to have a holistic approach and treat each patient according to their individual needs with respect and integrity, taking into consideration their social, cultural, emotional and financial requirements.

Our Team

Teamwork means everyone working together as one in pursuit of our Mission. We are a team committed to excellence. We have high standards of quality and integrity. Our staff are motivated, caring, loyal, happy and enthusiastic.
We are committed to ongoing professional development so we can function at the highest level as a team in delivering quality care expected of us by our patients.

Our Future

We will endeavour to sustain the growth of Alpha Dental Care by setting high standards and continuing to create strong relationships with our patients and between our team members. As a Team we will constantly evaluate our practice and recognise the need to adapt to the changes that occur in both Dentistry and the community.

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  • How do you combat bad breath?
    There are many causes for bad breath (halitosis), so identifying the true cause is important. If it is found to come from a dental or gum problem, you may require dental treatment which your dentist will discuss with you, and good oral hygiene is required to help improve it as well

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