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The Authorities (AHPPC) have eased the COVID-19 Dentristry restrictions to Level 1.

To all our Loyal Patients and Community

We are excited to inform you, that on the 14th May 2020, the Authorities (AHPPC) announced the easing of the restrictions to Dental Practices to LEVEL 1.

(Appropriate Surgery during COVID-19 pandemic No 4) (Revocation) Direction 2020).

The LEVEL 1 restrictions, allow us to offer our patients ALL general services under the usual Strict Infection Control guidelines.

Please contact us directly on (08) 8269 3311 for any issues or enquiries you may have.

Looking forward to seeing you again,

Please, follow the precautionary guidelines by the Authorities, keep safe and Healthy,

The Alpha Dental Care team.

Welcome to Alpha Dental Care

We aim to provide you with the highest quality dental care, customised to your individual needs, in a personalised manner and a friendly environment. Alpha Dental care has been providing quality dental care to the people of South Australia for over 36 years.

Our dental practice is equipped with the latest technology and equipment which allows us to offer you a wide spectrum of dental treatments by experienced dentists and personnel.

Our 36-year experience in Dentistry and our extensive continuing professional development (CPD) and education in the various evolving fields in dentistry, ensures that our patients receive the most current evidence-based treatments and techniques.

On your first visit to the clinic you can expect to have a thorough examination of your teeth, be that one causing you some discomfort or all of them as part of a general check. The dentist will conduct the necessary diagnostic tests which may include taking x-rays, to find out the current state of your mouth and will then relay the information back to you. Finally a plan will be made to make sure your mouth returns/stays healthy so you can enjoy your teeth and smile.

For your individual dental needs, contact us to make an appointment and discuss your concerns and aspirations with our expert and friendly dental staff.

We are committed to making your dental experience as pleasant and rewarding as possible.

Expect to be treated with professionalism and as one of our own family.

  • Yes, we provide tooth whitening through the take-home individual tray system, called Colgate Visible White. You will need a full dental checkup prior to tooth whitening, where the dentist can discuss its suitability and possible results with you.
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